As an organized and highly creative individual, graduated in Marketing, PR and Journalism, I love the challenges of working within a dynamic and fast paced working environment.

The knowledge gained from my corporate experience has shaped my ability to adapt quickly, think creatively and work effectively as part of a team or on my own.

See below for the current services I can offer your business


Experienced creator of engaging web and print content for a wide range of products.

Strong understanding of strategic communications planning, online marketing, social media, communication design principles, information architecture, Search Engine Optimization strategies, and creative process.


Dedicated and energetic freelance photographer with 6+ years’ extensive experience in custom and specialized photography. Competent in capturing high quality images and organizing materials for photoshoots while displaying confidence and professionalism at all times.

Conversant with different types of photography including portrait, landscape, lifestyle, and product.

Market and advertise services to attract clients
Analyze and decide how to compose a subject
Capture subjects in commercial quality photographs Enhance the subject’s appearance with natural or artificial light

Use of photo enhancing software


Brand DNA, identity and strategy
Creative conceptualization of unique brand moments & marketing activations
Media event management & execution
Seasonal campaign & editorial production
Email marketing development & design
Marketing campaigns & calendars
Creative corporate partnerships & sponsorships
Website design & project management
Copywriting, content creation & management
Digital start up strategy (building the digital frameworks of a new business)
Digital asset audits (internal & external)
Operational systems & process optimization


Press & media range showings & written releases
Digital marketing implementation & social media strategy E-commerce management & manage online sales department
Relational & customer service marketing
Create & send out EDM’s, HTML’s including graphic material
Manage seasonal online e-commproduct shoots & oversee post image production
Assist on seasonal look-book shoots & production of print look-books
All internal company communications
Company newsletters
Keep sponsors, accounts and clients informed with up-to- date brand/company news

Available for work around Germany and worldwide.

Selected Clients & Brands that trust my work

Nexo Surfhouse


Mokxa Coffee

Jules Ahoi


Land Rover

Vision Me

For more information don’t hesitate to drop me your message. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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