Cobblestone villages, golden beaches and an idyllic scenery are just the beginning – follow me on a Roadtrip down the Atlantic Coast from Lisbon to  Arrifana and the beautiful region of Alentejo.



The Nature Park of Arrábida: (Parque Natural da Arrabida) is a protected area, founded in 1976 and covering an area of 108 square kilometres, situated between the town of Sesimbra and the city of Setubal.

The Setúbal coastline, just south of Lisbon across the Tejo river, is known as the Costa Azul. The turquoise and emerald sea certainly lives up to its name and is perfect for a paradise-like get away to escape the city.







Are u ready for dolphin watching in Setubal?

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The Alentejo

covers a huge area, around a third of the country, stretching south from the Rio Tejo to the northern mountain ranges of the Algarve – the name derives from the words além do Tejo, beyond the Tejo River.

A journey from ancient dolmens and superbly sited castles to Roman ruins and sweeping Atlantic beaches.






When Life Gives You Lemons Squeeze One In Your Hair And Go Surf


is a lively and modern resort town that is adored by the Portuguese, but virtually unknown by foreign tourists. The Costa da Caparica coastline is simply stunning, and known for its vast sandy beach, powerful surfing seas and wonderful natural scenery, all of which is less than a 20-minute drive from central Lisbon.

The Costa da Caparica coastline extends along the entire western edge of the Setubal Peninsula, and this exceptional beach is Europe’s longest continuous sandy shoreline at 24km. 

The southern sections of the Costa da Caparica coastline are wilder, with virtually no development,  and can only be reached by car or the summer time mini-train.


This guide will provide an introduction to Costa da Caparica as either a holiday destination or as a day trip from Lisbon.


The Costa da Caparica is a popular destination for surfing as there are always constant decent waves that roll in from the powerful Atlantic Ocean, suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers. 

Surf equipment can be hired at Costa da Caparica for 15€/25€ (half/full day – bodyboard or surfboard with a wetsuit). Surf schools linked below.

The Collective Surfshop

Caparica Evolution Surf School

Caparica Surf Academy 


Lufi Surf School

Centro Internacional de Surf

Lost Caparica Surf House

Lombok Paradise Surf School

Some of the above listed Surf Schools are also offering accommodation for those looking for a surf camp get-away.

If you’re looking for private accommodation during your stay in Costa da Caparica consider staying in one of Caparica’s famous beach cottages for the paradise – like beach get away you were always dreaming of.


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Being the oldest city in Western Europe, Lisbon was built on seven hills and is therefor known as cidade das sete colinas – the city of seven hills. The city holds one of the mildest climates in Europe with an annual average of 2900-3300 hours of sunshine.

By far the best way to explore Lisbon is to walk. Despite being hilly, the city is full of hidden gems. Whether its magnificent views, little shops or just amazing street art, you’ll never find it unless you’re walking.

With narrow lanes of residential houses and grocery stores, the old quarter of Lisbon Alfama has a distinct village atmosphere and is known as Lisbons most charming district. 

Leave your map at the hotel and get wonderfully lost in these streets for a few hours.





Place is buzzing with locals and tourists alike. Super yummy breakfast options, coffee and sweets.  For all of the Aussies out there hunting for a Melbourne – like coffee, this is the place to go. Delicious brunch options – especially the smashed avocado, fresh fruit salad and a great selection of cakes and pastries.



Most coffee in Portugal is fine, but this place is really a step above the norm. Also the interior is really nice. If you are a real coffee lover, this is your place to visit in Lisbon!

Founded in 2015 Fabrica Coffee Roasters accompany their coffee from the harvesting of the coffee cherry on the producers farms until the arrival of the beans, green, pure, unaltered.

Step in for a cosy lunch or brekky or simply enjoy a delicious flat white in a pretty modern warehouse surrounding. 

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