Close your eyes, stop for a minute and take a deep breath

It smells like Safran, honey buiscuits and grilled meat

The smell of gas blends in.

Garbage rots in the sun

I open my eyes and see caravans passing by in the distance

An older woman dressed in Djellaba is staring at me while I’m walking past

Crumbling buildings seems to hide between five star tourist places

Stray cats, begging children, heavily overcrowded bazaars, yelling taxi drivers

A little bare-footed boy is playing football between snake charmers and street artists

I feel like I can understand every word – even though I don’t speak their language.

Lets take a walk on the beach – watch our shadows dance in the sand

A look in the distance, flattering flags, illuminated mountains where vulcanoes sleep

An older man ties up his boat, holding the roap in his wrinkled hands

I greet him with salaam, he smiles at me, his tired face speaks volumes.

In times like these I wonder what it would be like to be born here

other friends, other values but my heart beats the same.




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