Well… that’s me.. Travel addict, Ocean lover and Sun enthusiast addicted to Coffee and good Music.

To say ‘no’ more often and less to explain why… To laugh louder even if only I got the joke… To dance like nobody is watching and watch how everyone is dancing, is the motto I live by.

After finishing college, I swapped my secured lifestyle in Germany for a one way ticket into exploring the world, a camera and walking fast for living slow.

I am a 27 yrs old photographer and social media expert currently based in Hamburg, Germany with previous commercial experience gained from leading organisations such as Facebook.

My love for photography started in my early teens, I was always photographing my friends and anything we got up to, yes I completely missed the lesson on why maths and science are so important. I thrived on anything creative, and still do.
My Dad taught me most of what I know, he knows real photography back in the day where digital was nonexistent as well as the ‘smart phone photographer’. I also attended and still do, day courses to perfect my art.

Clients have praised me for my ability to photograph efficiently and effectively while maintaining poise and enthusiasm.

I am able to take care of your social media plattforms, making sure your advertising content stays up to date and will attract new customers representing a fresh and engaging content at all times.

I am a life enthusiast, happily dancing on the beautiful line between reality and fairy tale. 

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Don’t forget to scroll your way through my travel guides aiming to give you the best tips and follow-me-around experiences on some amazing travel destinations around the world.

Here you will find budget tips, tips on places to stay, things to see and do, and where to eat and get the best coffee in town. It doesn’t matter what type of vacation you are going on – backpacking trip, island getaway or round the world trip. These destination guides will give you all the information you need for your trip so you can make make memories that last a lifetime. 


When I was thinking about naming this site I went through a couple names. But when I came up with Randomwaterbeats I instantly knew that this name would perfectly describes me as the person I am today with my passion to appreciate life as random as it can be, my desire of being close to the sea and the realization of how worth it is to listen to the beats life has to share.

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